An alien songwriter by the name of ‘Eskit’ has graciously decided to spend some time among us, depositing in our midst a most intriguing recording: WHEN THE CHICKENS COME HOME TO ROOST.

Evidently ‘Eskit’ finds our ways amusing, for he writes of them with an excess of levity. Using a piano style reminiscent of show tunes and Liberace, he provides derogatory commentary on many of our finer institutions. Guns; Republicans; money-grubbing preachers .... they are all castigated without mercy.

Though we may never know what planet gave rise to such irreverence, there is little doubt that this ‘Eskit’ is a musical George Carlin, a radical Tom Lehrer. He can do uncommon things with his voice, outrageous things with his words, and he speaks truth to power with an entertaining sneer.

Check out the titles to some of his songs: “The Environment: Get Rid Of It” – “Jesse Helms Striptease” – “Let’s Put Congress On The Minimum Wage”. Even the President does not escape his pointed observations: “Oh the things you can jinx/ When your little mind thinks/ Bada Bing/ You’re the King/ Of the World.