Give credit where credit is due. The Bush Administration has managed to associate Christian fundamentalism with dishonesty, incompetence, and corruption. The Bush Administration has also estalished a connection between Empire and torture, Empire and stupidity, Empire and death. Having thus discredited both fundamentalism and Empire in one fell swoop, the goons of backwardness have given the rest of us candles to light the darkness. Or at least jokes to curse the rigged voting machines.

I am therefore pleased to offer a chronicle of excess that will leave you pining for King Louis XIV (Louis also bankrupted his country, but at least he left The People some really cool furniture). Please bear in mind that the songs on this CD only scratch the surface of the asylum known as the White House. Like the stars in Heaven, or the pills in Rush Limbaugh’s cabinet, the grotesqueries of the Texas Mafia are too many to count. But I do my best. Let me know if I’ve neglected a song-worthy incident, and maybe I’ll sing about it on my next album. Thanks.