Many years ago, Eskit was a pianist for his Sunday School, a pianist for Campus Crusade for Christ, and a pianist for Moral ReArmament's "Up With People". Having thus gotten the excess morality wrung out of his system, he proceeded to write and perform "The Happy Homosexual Hour", flirt with anarchy, get arrested, and be banned in Boston. However, fans will be pleased to learn that it has been twenty years since his last arrest, and thirty years since being assaulted by members of his audience.

Eskit is therefore pleased to still be alive, and therefore able to present this vocal collection of lifelong observations. While claiming no direct knowledge of either sex or drugs, he has been able to compile this material based on rumors and unidentified sources. And of course many thanks to the Vatican for their help in writing one of the songs.

Subjects on this CD include marijuana, Gay marriage, televangelists, and, shall we say .............. The Last Track.

[WARNING: The entire album has a Subject Advisory. This CD is not for everyone!]