Eskit says - "Having failed at taking the world of country music by storm, I turned to writing songs of political satire. Using my wits, my piano, and my Broadway instincts, I embarked on a style pioneered by the once-famous Tom Lehrer. In 1976 I initiated a weekly variety show on radio station WBUR (Boston), then went and played guitar(!) for the Southern Vermont Old-Time Fiddlers Association. And when I ran for President in 1976, I was proud to be mentioned in Rolling Stone Magazine. (Neverthless, I lost the election.)

This CD is no-holds-barred political satire for Liberals. Subjects include foreign policy, tax policy, and environmental policy. This probably sounds boring, but it's not. I'm against boring. As my Grandma used to say .... "Is your liver on the spree? Would your stomach like to be? Well then take a look at me, and laugh, fool, laugh." With the exception of the first song ("When The Republicans Start Getting AIDS"), I tried to find humor wherever I could. There's even a song for the most dangerous wahoo of our time: Dick Cheney. I realize that there are many other subjects I could have included, but the Republicans are manufacturing absurdity faster than I can write."