Anti-war songs about Iraq. Eskit's piano and vocals create an amalgam of Broadway and Brecht, Swing and Cabaret. Synthesizer flutes and cellos add a classical touch.

Eskit says - "In 1971, the US Government, in the name of Democracy and God, invited me to join the military - the object being to kill as many Vietnamese as possible. I declined their offer. Ever since, I have been wary of Government officials who engineer death and destruction in the name of Democracy and God.

Which brings us to Iraq .... Quagmire. Disaster. Supreme insult to the Creator. All I can do is sing about it on this CD of original songs accompanied by piano. Much of what I do is humor and satire. But not this time. These are all serious songs.

I am especially proud of "Kool-Aid Man" - a musical warning about military recruiters. If you listen to the clip, please take the time to also hear the spoken introduction on Track 5. It explains the connection between the title phrase and the Jonestown Massacre. If you're under the age of 35, you may not be aware of this strange and sad episode in American history."